Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down to see some of the frequently asked questions we received from our members and site visitors. If you have any specific queries please connect with us using the contact form.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

1. Becoming a Member

Yes. There is no cost to join. Click here to register as member.

Join a community of like minded people that are sharing their knowledge and technical expertise in a form of video based training.


Each training video can be purchased individually for a period of up to 3 months. If you are interested in majority of the lessons making up a course then we recommend you purchase the entire course.

Click here for a video illustrating the process.

The video’s will be structured to cater for all levels. This includes those that are new to the field as well as those that have many years of experience looking to recap on concepts.

The easiest way to view all the content is by using the search page by clicking here. The search page has filters that allow you to narrow the search results based on your interests.

Yes. Go to any course page and you will be able to purchse that course.

Click here for a video illustrating the process.

3. Tokens

Tokens are used as a virtual currency on this website. Tokens have an exchange rate of USD $1 = 1 Token. We use PayPal as the payment gateway to purchase tokens. Tokens are purchased from the Member Dashboard.

The pricing varies per course or lesson. On any course or lesson page, you will see the price.

Register as a member on the website. You will be directed to the member dashboard. From here you can purchase tokens using PayPal as the payment gateway.

Click here for a video illustrating the process.

No. Tokens never expire. They can be used immediately or anytime in the future.

4. Become an Author

Any technical expert that wants to share knowledge and earn a commission on sales.

Please use the contact form by clicking here and get in touch with us.

Yes. You can monitor all your sales information in real-time as it happens. In addition, we have real-time email notification when your course is sold.

We send out a weekly email with analytics of your course and its' lessons. This can give insights into the demographics of the traffic, time spent on pages and bounce rate to mention a few tracked parameters.

The Members Area has a 'Content upload' section. Here you will be required to fill out the forms with the required information as well as the uploading of your video file.

Click here for a video illustrating the process.